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I’m Leena! Are you ready to inject some serious color and good vibes into your world? Let’s do it!

I totally believe that art is way more than just a boring old decoration – it’s a total reflection of your unique personality and style. It’s an investment. Let’s turn those drab walls into something seriously amazing and inspiring together!

leena hannonen painting

Working with clay again!

This is my latest commission piece, portrait of a Baja Legend Johnny Johnson, cast in bronze. My special thank you goes to Lynn Chenowth, for his trust not just in my skills as an artist, but in my capacity to breathe life into a legacy. I feel profoundly humbled.

This creation is much more than just a piece metal..
I never had the privilege of meeting Johnny in person, but he became a huge part of my soul. In the countless hours I spent with his likeness, tracing the contours of his face, molding his features, I embarked on a journey far deeper than artistry.

It was a quest to capture the very essence of a man I came to know intimately through the silent language of sculpture.
My hands did not just shape clay; they sought to unravel and honor the story of a life lived fully.

This project has been so much more than just a commission; it has been a lifesaver in my own life. As many of you are aware, the past five years I’ve learned to be an attorney and defend myself in courts on both sides of the border. My identity as an artist, as a creator, was overshadowed by legal jargon.

But through this project, I rediscovered myself. It was a lifeline thrown to me, a reminder of the essence of who I am. Immersing myself in Johnny’s world, a world where every moment was embraced with zest and vigor. This experience has been nothing short of a blessing, a reminder of the transformative power of art and the human spirit.

As we unveiled this statue, it is my hope that it resonates with you, that you feel the pulse of Johnny’s spirit, his zhuaa de vivra, immortalized in this form. May this creation be not just a tribute to a remarkable life but a source of inspiration, a reminder to live each moment with passion and purpose.
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