Birds of paradise


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This Triptych just called to be made. I have this resident blue heron that hangs around, usually on the mountain side. But now for the last month he’s been standing by the water right in front of the house. Every day. Is that not a sign or what, so this was one of those “had to do’s”. And of course the pelicans that are also a daily occurrence, flying in their ribbon like formation. Now that the water temperature is around 90 degrees, and when I float in that salt bath, the ribbon can fly three feet above me. That is just pure magic! Sure beats anything you see on Netflix. And it all comes together when there’s a school of mackerel or something congregating and the pelicans dive bomb in the smorgasbord and the seagulls try to steal their catch. This is a story I wish everybody could experience… and now you can!

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