Leena Hannonen

Leena and Friska

Welcome to my gallery!

As a self-taught artist, I have devoted over four decades to the practice of art as a means to restore balance in my life. Drawing upon my background in graphic design and photography serves as a medium that amalgamates elements from my past experiences.

Nature, with its profound impact on our psyche, serves as my wellspring of inspiration. Each image I create tells a unique story, intended to evoke a range of emotions. As an artist, I find profound inspiration in the beauty and power that surrounds us, which I strive to capture through work. My creative journey is driven by a deep emotional connection to the natural world, and I channel this connection into my artwork, infusing it with vibrant colors, bold brush strokes, and an abundance of texture. I seek to create a dialogue between the viewer and nature, awakening a sense of connection and fostering an appreciation for the natural world. Through my paintings, I invite individuals to pause, reflect, and experience a moment of respite from the demands of modern life.

As a child, growing up in Finland art provided me with an escape into my own realm of creativity. At the age of 12, I embarked on a transformative artistic journey. Armed with a roll of craft paper and a wide brush, I transformed my room into a winter forest, painting its essence across all the walls, with Vivaldi on the background. Despite the chaos and mess I had created, the passion and emotions that engulfed me were exhilarating. I sat back and admired my creation, hesitant to share it with my parents. To my surprise, their awe surpassed any concern for the disorder I had caused. That day ignited a lifelong passion within me, a fire that still burns brightly. Whenever inspiration strikes, I wholeheartedly dive into the creative process, consumed by the fervor to bring my visions to life.

My artistic journey has evolved, leading me to create contemporary mosaics that exude a painterly essence. By meticulously handcrafting organic forms and infusing movement into my work. Through my art, I strive to bring the outdoors indoors, reminding us to slow down and reconnect with the beauty of the natural world.

My artistic evolution is driven by a desire to understand fear, overcome adversity, and discover beauty within darkness. Emotion and tension intertwine as driving forces in my creative process. Working spontaneously, I allow each moment and feeling to guide me, yielding artwork that transcends the boundaries of expression. Through my paintings, I aim to evoke a sense of awe and wonder, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the raw energy and tranquility of the environment. I allow my intuition to guide me, blending realism with abstraction, as I seek to portray the intangible qualities that lie beneath the surface.

Vibrant colors play a pivotal role in my artistic expression. I use a rich palette to breathe life into my paintings, capturing the ever-changing hues of the sky, the ocean, and the vibrant blossoms. These colors serve as conduits for emotion, intensifying the atmospheric qualities of my work and eliciting a visceral response from the viewer.

Please feel free to send a message to me with any questions or requests you may have.