Welcome to my gallery!

Leena Hannonen is a talented, diverse artist known for her sculptures, mosaics, mixed media art, ceramics, digital fine art photography and graphic design.

When collecting her work you will be bringing layer of new beauty and energy of the highest quality into your collection that uplifts the soul. “I hope that my paintings and mosaics open you up to a whole new appreciation for your world.”

With a graphic design studio in Los Angeles, California for 15 years and over 25 years of commercial art experience, Leena offers a unique eye for beauty with sensitivity. Her dramatic flair is inspired by the transformative power of nature and its ever-changing surroundings. Leena’s creations have been installed in numerous art galleries throughout Southern California and Baja California.

Originally from Helsinki, Finland, Leena has made both San Diego, California and Baja California, her home studios. You can find her there with her trusted friend, a ‘pedigreed’ pure Baja Blend Pooch, Friska.

As a child, art was my escape into my own creative reality. At age 12, I asked my dad to buy me a big roll of craft paper and a 6” brush. He knew what I needed and got it for me. Thrilled, I went into my room and closed the door. I moved all the furniture away from the walls, taped the paper on three walls as though I was hanging wall paper.

It was the dead of winter in Finland, the place of my birth. It was freezing outside but I opened the window, put on a wool sweater, turned on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and started painting a winter forest scene on all the walls. I was in my “zone”, my passion and emotions were soaring. Five hours later I was done. I sat back on the floor and looked at my creation. I was pretty sure “I loved it.” Still, I was afraid to invite mom and dad in to take a look because I had made a mess everywhere. When my parents saw what I had done (in spite of the mess I had made) they were impressed.

That passion that was ignited that day has never left me. When I get an urge to do something, I jump in full force and become consumed. I definitely have the “I must create” urge, and Vivaldi is still a good friend.”


Please feel free to send a message to Leena with any questions or requests you may have.